FRI 19.04.2024 ///// PERSPECTIVE w/ GODDARD & VENJENT ///// SAT 20.04.2024 ///// OFF-BEAT VIENNA | HARDGROOVE NIGHT /////


25. MäRZ

DJ HEARTSTRING | Super Motel 168

DJ Hearstring is known for their unmistakeable sounds.
The DJ Duo from Berlin has released on serval labels such as Lobster Theremin, Union Trance Mission, 1Ø PILLS MATE and Eurodance Inc. Uniting the worlds for the lovers, the listeners and the trancers, DJ Heartstring are crafting sensual and infectious pop-techno bangers that have fun firmly on the menu. Sit back, relax and fasten your seatbelts for this pleasant journey.


> DJ HEARTSTRING (Lobster Theremin, Eurodance Inc.)
> DOS (Step Back Trax, Lobster Theremin)
> JON GRAVY (Step Back Trax, PETS Recordings)


hosted by Radio Rudina
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