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Illicit #2 with Karizma (US)

Hear Clayton play and it’s obvious it was time well spent. He’s a true master of the Pioneer CDJ, using the digital decks in all kinds of inventive and unorthodox ways, creating new ways of playing tracks. One moment you might hear him beating out a drum pattern using three different parts of a track; the next he might be blending loops and effects to build a live remix. He’s known for his wide-ranging musical taste, and he rarely sticks to one style, finding links and contrasts in his records in a way few DJs can emulate.

Clayton is also someone who cares deeply about DJ culture. He knows the formula for a great party and a great DJ set, and is happy to share that knowledge. In our interview he drew on his wealth of experience, offering insight into the mind of a DJ deeply dedicated to his craft.
by Resident Advisor


► ♫ Karizma (Defected Records, Strictly Rhythm / Dirt Crew - USA )

► Daniel Dridi ( Illicit, Oatland St. - VIE )

► Philipp Van Het Veld ( VIE )


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