TUE 14.8. ///// Ein Sommernachtstraum mit HOSH | Pratersauna & VIE I PEE ///// WED 15.8.2018 ///// FM4 Swound Sound w/ Soundvibes, Max Scheiber & Paul Yang ///// WED 15.8.2018 ///// Nachtschwimmer All Stars ///// FRI 17.8.2018 ///// Harvey McKay I Pratersauna Selected ///// SAT 18.8.2018 /////Darf ich bitten? Monaberry Showcase w/ Super Flu, Bebetta & Cioz ///// SUN 19.8. ///// 5 Uhr Tee Spezial mit Oliver Huntemann I Open Air


17. JUNI

Lost Social Open Air with PillowTalk

Aimed at recapturing a pre-smart phone era when dancefloors were about connection with the music and those around you rather than your online social networks.

Lost Social


PillowTalk | Life and Death, Visionquest

Dominique Folie
Black Triangle

More Tba.


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